A Personal Post

I hope that everyone is having a blessed continuation of the Easter season!  As this prayer blog was a commitment for the season of Lent, I will no longer be posting any more prayers. I grew a lot in my faith this Lenten season by devoting more time to writing prayers, and I would encourage anyone to use this blog or their own version of prayer to grow closer to God, whether it is Lent or not!  I hope anyone who has been following has benefited from my prayers, and I hope that this can still be a place to turn when I or anyone has difficulties being inspired to pray.

Have a blessed Easter season!



Easter Sunday

Dear God,

Today is a beautiful day of praise and rejoicing,

For Jesus has risen to the kingdom of heaven to be by your side!

Let us rejoice that your son conquered death so that we may have eternal life,

And let us celebrate the hope and joy we have as a result of the resurrection.

Throughout this Lenten season, we have prepared for this day for more than 40 days,

And now let us finally celebrate the triumphant resurrection that is a cornerstone of our faith.

In our celebration with family and friends, let us not forget the reason for this season of Lent and Easter,

And let us always remember the sacrifice Jesus made out of his great love for humanity.


Holy Saturday

Dear God,

Today as Jesus lies in the tomb after his resurrection,

Let us remember all of those whom we know that have passed on to life after death.

Let us pray for our family members and friends who are no longer with us

In the hope that they are in heaven with you and that we will see them once again at the end of time.

Let us always remember that they are watching down on us from where we cannot yet go.

Sometimes we fear death because it feels so final,

But help us to remember that Jesus gave us eternal life,

And after our death we have may join the crowds of angels, saints, and loved ones in heaven.


Good Friday

Dear God,

On this gloomy day we recognize the solemnity of Good Friday,

And remember how on this day Jesus took his last breaths on the cross

So that we may be redeem and cleansed of our sins.

Jesus gave his own sacred life for our sins,

So let this be a day of atonement for us to examine our conscience

And think about all the wrong things we have done and the right things we have failed to do.

Even though we are human and we are not perfect,

If Jesus loved us enough to die for our sins we should love him enough to reconcile and work to do good.


Holy Thursday

Dear God,

Today in Holy Week we celebrate Holy Thursday,

The day that Jesus gave us the gift of the Eucharist and the day that he washed the disciples feet.

Help us to take many lessons from Jesus’s actions on this day,

The first being the reminder every mass of the sacrifice that he made for us,

Giving up his body and his blood so that we may not fear death and have eternal life.

Let us also be reminded of our responsibility to serve others,

As the Son of God did when he got down on his hands and knees to wash his disciple’s feet.

Help us to be humble both in remembering Jesus’s sacrifice and serving others around us.


Wednesday, April 1

Dear God,

Today help us to realize the importance of all the creatures you placed on this Earth.

As humans, we often view ourselves as more important than all other animals,

But help us to remember the value of all animals, from a worm to an elephant.

Even the organisms we can’t see make important contributions to the biosphere we live in,

And help us to have respect for all creatures we encounter,

Even if we cannot immediately understand what a porcupine or an amoeba has to do with us.

You appointed us the caretakers of the world you created,

And help us in this role to respect all of the rest of your beautiful, amazing creation.


Tuesday, March 31

Dear God,

Today let us pray for all those suffering from mental illness,

Whether a mild case of anxiety or a more serious disorder.

Sometimes we forget about the impacts of mental illness on a person’s life,

Because mental illness is not always as evident as some other more physical disorders,

But this does not make the plight of those suffering from mental illness any less serious.

Help us to always be conscious of those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and the challenges they face,

And let us pray that they grow to overcome or learn to live with their mental illness,

And that they may still live a full, happy life despite the challenges they face.